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How to Overcome Return to Work Uncertainty and Design a Hybrid Workplace

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Determining the right amount and right mix of office space that a global organization needs can be a daunting task during the best of times. Doing it effectively in today’s uncertain work environment may seem especially paralyzing. 

In our latest webinar, hear workplace strategy expert Shivani Chopra in conversation with Antonio Brunner, Global Head of Digital Workplace at Deutsche Bank and Phil Kirschner, former workplace strategy leader from WeWork, JLL, and Credit Suisse.  In this discussion, you'll learn:

  • What top enterprises are doing (or need to be doing) to adapt
  • How to build an internal business case for a workplace analytics solution
  • Best practices for leveraging floor-level people counting data for better real estate asset management
  • How to use space-level analytics to strategically assess whether you have the right mix of individual and collaborative spaces

We look forward to continuing the conversation around hybrid workspaces and workplace design. If you have any questions specific to your workplace needs, one of our in-house experts would be happy to discuss. 

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