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The events of 2020 have changed employee expectations for their workplace across the globe. With this series, our mission is to empower enterprise leaders to get creative and gain the confidence to make bold decisions around office design, employees’ health and wellness, remote-friendly collaboration, and technology investments to help your workplace transform. 

The future of work has required bold, creative, and forward-thinking builders, and we are confident that our lineup of guests is sure to spark inspiration to your own workplace transformation journey.

We hope you enjoy these impactful conversations as much as we have.

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How Michael Alcantara is driving digital transformation and its positive impact on equity, diversity and inclusion

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Michael Alcantara, Director IT Video collaboration at Palo Alto Networks. During our conversation, you'll hear us discuss the new central role of technology and the need to leverage AV and IT to enable the equitable experience between on-site and remote employees. You’ll also hear us talk about the impact of the digital transformation onto workplace amenities and finally what the workplace can offer to the creators’ movement.

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How Tim Halpin is promoting an innovative design for Afterpay’s offices to accommodate the company’s growth

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Tim Halpin, Director Property and Facilities at Afterpay. During our conversation, you'll hear how Afterpay is using their offices to showcase the company’s brand and value proposition. You’ll hear us discuss the new design of their offices and how it opens up opportunities to mix employees, partners and customers to boost the appeal of the brand and motivate employees to deliver their best work. We also dive into the critical importance that technology plays to keep the workplace aligned with employees’ expectations.

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How Paul McKinlay is adopting remote work & redesigning Vistaprint’s offices for increased socialization & collaboration

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Paul McKinlay, VP, Communications & Remote Working at Vistaprint/Cimpress. During our conversation, you'll hear how Paul and his team are leading the transformation towards the hybrid model. You’ll also hear us talk about the design of their new offices (renamed collaboration centers) and what it means to find the sweet spot between remote work and in-person interactions.

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How David Hanrahan is building empathetic leaders at Eventbrite and what is the new purpose of the office

In this episode, we’re sitting down with David Hanrahan, Chief Human Resource Officer at Eventbrite. During our conversation, you'll hear about how David has promoted a culture of empathy within the company and about how they’re taking an iterative approach to writing the playbook for leading hybrid teams. Plus, you'll discover David's reinvention of the work week to allow for new habits, rituals, community and innovation.

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How David Pearl has led a business revolution by redefining the art of meeting to make these instances more successful

In this episode, we’re sitting down with David Pearl, Author of “Will there be donuts” and Founder of During our conversation, you'll hear how David has helped thousands of organizations and teams rethink the way they meet to make these work instances more successful. You’ll also hear us discuss why building relationships is vital for a team to succeed, plus the community aspect and social function that lies within each job.

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How Tracy Hawkins views the employee experience beyond office walls and how others could share in the movement 

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Tracy Hawkins, VP of Real Estate and Remote experience at Twitter. During our conversation, you'll hear why Tracy added remote work to her scope of work after joining Jennifer Christie and the People team, why all real estate leaders should think beyond the brick and mortar and expand the remit of what they bring to the employee experience and finally what it looks like to move a global company to asynchronous work.

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How Robert Teed built one of the best places to work at ServiceNow and advocates for the hybrid workplace model

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Robert Teed, ex- VP of Real Estate, Workplace and Corporate Services at ServiceNow, and now Corenet Board Member and Principal at HarnessingNext. During our conversation, you’ll hear about Robert’s decades of leadership in the workplace industry and his current advocacy for hybrid, choice and flexibility. Plus, you'll learn about how he put employees at the center of his real estate strategy to create workplaces that unleash creativity. 

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How Scott Hazard is using the Atlassian real estate footprint to connect employees with the brand

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Scott Hazard, VP, Global Real Estate and Workplace Journeys at Atlassian. During our conversation, you’ll hear how Scott used his retail and branding expertise to build top-notch and dynamic office environments for Atlassian. You’ll hear how iterating and evolving the office design often can make the office experience an inspiring journey for employees.

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How Chris Kane is turning expensive real estate into a value creator for companies through bridging the knowledge gap

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Chris Kane, author of “Where is my office?”, previously Head of Real Estate for BBC and Walt Disney Company. During our conversation, you’ll hear how Chris shifted the general perspective about real estate and turned this expensive line item into a value creator for the BBC and Walt Disney Company. You’ll hear his biggest driver for writing the book (and the perfect timing of it) as well!

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How Christopher Good is demystifying our biggest pre-conception about hybrid and hot desking

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Christopher Good, Creative Director at One Workplace. During our conversation, you’ll hear how every company can successfully make the office more valuable and a destination of choice for employees, his biggest lesson learned after experimenting with hot desking and how flexibility of choice can actually make our time together in the office more meaningful.

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How Tony Vargas is bringing joy at scale at Sprinklr through workplace services

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Tony Vargas, the Global Head of Workplace at Sprinklr. During our conversation, you’ll hear how Tony has been able to foster authentic office culture outside of the office during Covid via a daily dose of “news”, how Sprinklr’s CEO, Ragy Thomas, thinks about the critical component of joy at work and the link between a positive office culture and company success.

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How Corinne Murray brings workplace strategy to one of the top landlords in New York to meet new tenants’ needs

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Corinne Murray, the Director of Workplace Strategy at RXR Realty. Corinne describes how landlords can use data to innovate and make their buildings more appealing to tenants, how space innovation will drive engagement and new behaviors, and why some landlords are still not paying attention to it.

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How Phil Kirschner helped large global companies create a responsive real estate portfolio proactively

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Phil Kirschner, the prolific independent consultant behind PK Consulting building the future of work for the most-forward thinking companies. You’ll hear Phil describe how to proactively build a responsive real estate portfolio by leveraging data and how that fosters employees’ productivity and a company’s long-term profitability.

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How Eric Kerr redfined the employee journey and created a neurodiverse environment for employees at DoorDash

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Eric Kerr, the Workplace Planning Program Manager at DoorDash and host of A Holistic Workplace Experience podcast. Join us for a discussion on the evolution of the workplace, how responsibilities for employee experience designers have expanded, and the critical need to build a supportive and neurodiverse work environment.

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How Darren Graver re-imagined the design of TransferWise’s new HQ expansion in London

In this episode, Darren Graver, Office Expansion Lead at TransferWise, joins us to discuss office design innovation, different sources of inspiration (spoiler alert: soccer stadiums among others) the role of FOMO and technology, the need to create a community within the organization, and the fluidity required to continue improving, measuring and evolving alongside employees’ needs.

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Introducing: Destination Workplace

We are thrilled to be launching this inspiring video spotlight series, Destination Workplace. Stay tuned for value-packed episodes featuring passionate and forward-thinking innovators leading the workplace transformation movement.


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